New York, NY
1,400 SF


This calm and elegant boutique reinterprets the concept of a private salon for a busy department store.  A translucent fabric ‘veil’ shields the clothes and Zoran’s clients from direct view.  Designed as a framework of attached silk screens, the ‘veil’ defines the location of the couture collection.  It is lit from recessed light coves above to project silhouettes of the clothes onto the silk surfaces.

On the public side of the ‘veil’, silk lanterns and stacked cherry wood trays sit on a concrete plinth in full view from the main circulation axis.  The trays will display the sweater and accessory collection. Fabrics used in the clothing collection will be draped along a large wall of color.  Expressing the beauty of materials in broad and simple moves responds directly to Zoran’s design and fashion philosophy.


FABRICS Mary Bright