New York, NY
1,700 SF


This industrial loft space was transformed into a three bedroom home for a young family. Remnants of the existing timber frame structure and structural brick walls were exposed and expressed as part of the architecture.  

The kitchen, bathrooms, and mechanical room were organized into a compact core that emits light to the adjacent spaces. The core is an organizing element in the loft and maintains a clean, open flow of space around it.  It is clad in ash wood panels that are perforated with custom, anodized aluminum portholes.   Frosted acrylic discs within each porthole create a dynamic pattern on the surface of the core and allow light to penetrate into the darkest parts of the apartment while still maintaining visual privacy. 

Panels of color anchor the entry and bedroom zones and disguise storage walls behind. Translucent resin sliding doors at the western-most bedrooms maximize the flow of light throughout the loft. As the resin doors open, they allow sight lines from the living room to extend towards the river view. 

MECHANICAL Simon Rodkin Consulting Engineers
LIGHTING Attila Uysal