Europe (Prototype)
2,700 SF


This prototype for a free-standing ck jeans store combines digital interaction with a retail shopping experience.  The design integrates interactive display areas, back-lit shelves for products and advertising, and multi-media screens throughout the space.

In the central Activity Zone, products and promotional information are organized on and within a series of translucent Activity Tables.  Jeans are grouped with accessories and other clothing to illustrate the variety of outfits that can be accomplished with a few key pieces.  Interactive touch-screen computer displays are imbedded into the table tops to give customers access to information about the brand, fabrics, colors, accessories, and other ck jeans stores around the world.  A fifteen-foot high rear-projection screen will feature videos of young people in natural settings such as the mountains, ocean, or prairie to create a visual link between ck jeans and the American outdoors.  The changing ‘booths’ are situated on a raised stage to emphasize the theatrical nature of a youthful retail environment.