Hoboken Ferry Terminal, Hoboken, NJ
10,000 SF

A new portable 250-seat theater structure was commissioned by the Actors Shakespeare Company for seasonal performances.  The theater will be erected on the upper level of the historic Hoboken Ferry Terminal in a vast, cavernous space lit by skylights.  The new structure consists of a kit-of-parts of prefabricated wood and steel members that can be easily erected for performances or compactly stored when not in use.  One of the terminal’s enclosed piers will be renovated for back-stage support areas, dressing rooms, and offices.  The Terminal's historic interior facade will provide a unique backdrop for the stage and link the old structure to the new insertion.

The form of the new theater takes its inspiration from traditional ‘theater-in-the-round’ Shakespeare performancesThe wood and steel structural frame is self-supporting and includes balcony seating and stairs.  Translucent, laser-cut, hollow acrylic tubes sheath the shell of the theater while allowing light and views through it.  The variations of laser-cut patterns emits varying degrees of light from the shell—during evening performances the entire theater structure will become an illuminated lantern.

The stage consists of a de-mountable sprung floor to accommodate dance as well as drama performances.  The lighting grid is suspended from the structural frame.  All of the construction components can be transported by truck, providing flexible staging options for future performances in other venues.

STRUCTURAL Donald Friedman PE, Old Structures
MECHANICAL Meyer, Strong & Jones
THEATER Arturo Padilla