Scarborough, NY
5,000 SF

Perched on a hill overlooking the Hudson river, the design of this home is influenced by studies of the site’s topography, specific river and garden views, and seasonal micro-climate conditions, as well as the particular lifestyle needs of our client.  Multiple indoor and outdoor activity areas allow the client and her friends to entertain, read, exercise, relax and cook together. The informal nature of these relationships led us to explore a design that links indoor and outdoor zones in a dynamic yet intimate way. 

Two structures–one, a load-bearing masonry & stone structure, and the other, a column & concrete construction–intersect and overlap each other to allow for a combination of open panoramic vistas and tight framed apertures. The stone material is also woven into the topography as retaining walls, steps and paving that articulate a courtyard garden and two viewing terraces.

At the ground floor library, deep window boxes imbedded in the stone structure frame specific views of the surrounding garden. In the living room, the north-west corner is removed to expose one of the most compelling views of the Hudson River at it’s widest point. To moderate the intense late afternoon sun exposure, operable wood shutters are set within the articulated sleeves of these apertures.  

On the 2nd floor, translucent exterior glass walls diffuse light into the hall and bedrooms, creating a series of private yet luminous spaces.

STRUCTURAL Lev Zetlin & Associates
MECHANICAL Simon Rodkin Consulting Engineers